What If You Could Easily Create An Amazon aStore That Was Fully Integrated Into Your WordPress Site?

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Adrienne Dupree

Hello, this is Adrienne Dupree from The Online Newbie. I have a few niche sites and I was looking for additional ways to monetize them.  I know a lot of people use Adsense, Clickbank products and individual Amazon products to generate revenue, but I was looking for additional sources of income. As I was doing some research on the Amazon affiliates site, I came across the Amazon aStore. This is a way to integrate Amazon seamlessly on your site.  I really got excited and went to work on my first site.  Since I have done this a few times now, I know the best way to create the store.  That is exactly what you will experience during the webinar. For a sneak peak at one of my stores, go to Halloween Costumes for Dogs.


Amazon aStore Creation Myths

  • It is very difficult to create an integrated Amazon aStore
  • You need to be a Professional Web Designer to create a Amazon aStore
  • Creating a Amazon aStore will take forever
  • Creating a good looking Amazon aStore will take lots of money

Amazon aStore Video Training

This video training will show you step by step how to create your own Amazon aStore that is fully integrated into your WordPress site. Video training was created so you could actually see a store being created.  You can use the video as a reference when you actually create your own store.

Audios and a PDF document with screen shots is also included.

"How To Create An Amazon aStore" Video Training

  • Step by Step Instructions

    You can watch videos where step by step instructions are provided.

  • Products In Your Niche Available Immediately

    The store can be set up so it is niche specific

  • Do It Yourself (DIY)

    No programming skills required.  You don't have to be a "techie"

  • Seamless Integration

    The store is completely integrated into your site so people don't leave your site to shop

  • Professional Looking Store

    People will see your store and think that it was created by a Professional Web Designer

Comprehensive Product

9 Videos and Audios

  • Welcome Video

  • Main Video

  • Adding a Tracking ID

  • Adding an aStore

  • Adding a Category

  • Color and Design

  • Additional Configuration

  • Sidebar Widgets

  • Embedding your aStore

2 Documents

  • Full PDF with screen shots
  • Checklist

Question & Answer Teleseminar

This Course Is Now Available For An Introductory Price Of  Only $37

We will be raising this price fairly soon, but wanted to give you the opportunity to join now and start making money with Amazon aStores right away.


If our product does not perform exactly the way in which we have described it to you, just simply contact us within 30 days and we will immediately give you a prompt refund of your purchase with absolutely no questions asked. You have absolutely nothing to lose.


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Yes! I want to learn how to create an Amazon aStore on my WordPress site so I can increase my Amazon affiliate sales.

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  • I UNDERSTAND there is a 30 day money back guarantee for this product. If I am unhappy, I will receive my money back with no questions asked.

How To Create An Amazon aStore

P.S. Will doubt about how to set up a professional looking Amazon store overwhelm you the next time you set up a niche site? Will you be wondering how much better your site could have been if you had an integrated Amazon store? It doesn't have to be that way! The "How To Create an Amazon aStore" video training will make YOU a success. Order NOW!

Committed To Your Online Success,

Adrienne Dupree